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What is a Strategic Alliance Broker?

A Strategic Alliance Broker is an individual who is specifically trained to help unite businesses for the sole purpose of increasing profits. They match up companies in a variety of niches that will work well together. In addition to creating profitable matches, brokers often also offer support in marketing and principles that ensure an alliance will be successful.

A Strategic Alliance broker can be invaluable in providing the information, research and know-how necessary to set businesses up for Strategic Alliance success.

Why use our Brokering service?

1. Strategic alliance deals often wouldn’t exist in the first place if we didn’t make the initial approach to you.

2. Profits from strategic alliance agreements are additional profits that all parties involved would not have otherwise had if it were not for our concept of the deal.

3. We streamline the complete process, saving both parties a tremendous amount of time in setting up their alliances. While true that it’s your & the other party’s hard-earned resources being leveraged, your resources are only worth what your expertise can generate. We use our expertise to create more value from your existing resources.

4. We do all the backend research and information gathering as to the best parties to bring together for an alliance. This increases the chances of a good match and hence, the success of an alliance.

5. Once we find the best matches for a business, we oversee the negotiation process to ensure the deal meets the needs of both companies involved.

6. Importantly, we act as the manager and look after the entire arrangement from the outset. We keep things moving and make the process as smooth as possible for all parties. We also send regular status reports to both parties so each knows how things are progressing.

7. We have excellent marketing skills that we use to make the agreement as profitable as possible for all parties. We plan things to maximise profts and fully leverage the lifetime value of each customer. 


What kind of results are typical?

There are multiple ways of doing these deals and it depends on how well the campaign is planned and executed – how relevant the product/service is, how well the promotional materials have been tested and optimized, size and quality of the list, etc all have an influence on the results.

However, we recommend a specific email endorsement strategy that we learned directly from a leading marketing consultant with over 30 years experience in putting together strategic alliance deals that each produce 6 to 7 figures in profit.

Such a campaign typically increases profits by up to 30% in the months where implemented. 

So how much does it cost?

Our fee structure is very simple. We charge an initial one-time retainer to start a project, plus 20% of the increased profits we produce for you.

We structure our fee this way for two reasons:

First, by tying the bulk of our fee to the increased profits we directly generate for you, you’re only paying for results.

To us, it’s always seemed unfair that an ad agency or consultant charges massive fees but doesn’t have to produce anything to earn them. This way, we’re both highly motivated to make our project as successful as possible.

Second, by structuring our fee this way, you never have to worry about contacting us for more assistance. You’re not on a time clock and you don’t get charged extra for anything. So, any time you need to contact us – or any time we come up with a great idea to fine-tune your campaign – you don’t have to worry about the fee increasing. 

What kind of Clients do we work with?

The endorsement strategy that we recommend gets best results for clients who…

  • Are already doing very well in their business and which have a great product or service (either they’re already big and popular within a niche or have the potential for this).
  • Have an ad spend of at least 2,500 USD per month.
  • For List Side – Have a large, loyal list of active customers who regularly spend money with them.
  • For Product Side – Have a best-selling product or service with a proven marketing piece (online sales letter and ideally, emails) that converts well
  • For Product Side – Target product has a high-ticket price and/or recurring value, with high profit margins. Ideally, also has a strong back-end of additional products & services to offer over the lifetime value of the customer.

In most cases, if you don’t meet the criteria above, then you’re likely not going to get the best results from this strategy. In which case, we recommend you first test, measure and improve your marketing until you do meet the above.

Contact Us: To discuss how strategic alliances can be used to quickly expand your profits, simply submit a contact request here.

We will then contact you within 24 hours to schedule a mutually-convenient time to speak over the phone – it’ll take about 15-20 minutes to discuss.

Thank You. We look forward to speaking with you shortly!


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