Stop Throwing Your Money Away!

Have you ever wondered why some marketing campaigns by the big brands are so effective? The truth is, not ALL of their campaigns are successful. The ones that are used on a mass scale are the ones that have been tested and proven to work from many smaller tests. If these tests worked in a sample user group or customer base, then they are expanded and rolled out to the rest of the world.

Of course, the big guys have big budgets and they can afford to test their marketing ideas and campaigns. But what about the rest of us, small to medium sized businesses? It would be ideal if we could test different campaigns, ideas, and messages until we have a proven winner, but in reality, we have a set budget and if that fails, we just have to suck it up… until NOW!

Tested Campaigns

Reap The Rewards from Someone Else’s Advertising Budget

Our company has campaigns that have gone through the rigorous testing phase already, and these campaigns have been proven to work in many different markets and industries. What this means for you is instead of putting your hard-earned cash in something that “might” work, with our campaigns, you are looking at a much higher chance of success because the same campaign has “worked” before and has a track record of success.

When we work with you, we customize these campaigns to fit with your business and customers. We will consult with you on what what to send, when to send it and how to best follow up with your customers.

Proven Marketing Campaigns

If you already have a customer data list for your company or you’re currently building one then you should congratulate yourself! …Seriously!!  Most of the companies I talk to haven’t even started building a customer list. Hopefully this puts you in a position where you’re ahead of your competition.

The real question is are you maximizing and leveraging the relationships, sales, and revenue from your list yet? If not you can bet your competitors are.

Without proven strategies, marketing really can be a hit or miss prospect at best, and unfortunately if you do it incorrectly, your promotions can back fire and you can even alienate your customers and prospects.

That’s where there’s good news…

I have used and discovered many marketing campaigns and strategies that have fantastic success rates across multiple industries that maximize your potential profits. Working with your company we can customize a campaign that will work for you. Not experimental campaigns that have a possibility of working, but actual campaigns that have worked in many different industries.

To find out how I can organize a windfall campaign for your company just give me a call or contact me an at the bottom of this page.

Strategic Alliances / Joint Ventures

Strategic alliances are the best marketing strategy on the planet!

What is a Strategic Alliance?   A Strategic Alliance is a simple partnership between two or more companies who are looking to share similar resources for a mutual and profitable outcome!   here are some examples of Strategic Alliances:

Offline:- A tanning salon could offer a free session to be given out by local travel agencies. People who are white as sheets during winter may want to tan a bit to prepare their skin for the tropical sun. The tanning agency would then try to convert the free traffic into long term customers, while the travel agencies provide greater value for their clients.. everybody wins.

Online:- A golf apparel company could promote a dvd training on improving your putting, and the dvd training company could reciprocate by promoting the apparel company to their customers. They each take a share in the profits that were generated, while providing greater value to their respective customer bases. Typically there are no out of pocket costs which makes this type of arrangement very appealing and exciting!

The above two are just an example of the countless types of collaborations, partnerships or alliances that happen each day in almost every business.   Depending on the type of agreement being entered into or sought, there are certain skills & mind sets involved, paperwork, and methods of approach and execution that increase the likelihood of success.

Contact us and learn how to best start or manage your next Strategic Alliance!

Risk Free Marketing

It’s Low-Risk for You

Here’s the best part-  we get paid only if our strategies and campaigns work for you. We do require a small upfront payment to get things rolling, but the majority of our compensation will be after implementation of the campaign, and after you get paid.

*These marketing campaigns will not work for every business because there are some requirements our clients must meet to ensure the highest possible chance of success. Regardless, call us if you are interested in:

  • Extending the lifetime value of your current customers without increasing expenses
  • Connecting with and reviving your inactive customers
  • Creating windfall, quick cash injections to your company


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